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We are specialists in dealing with car leather, repairing,  modifying, and re colouring existing leather . We bring back to life your leather interiors, whether you own a classic Bentley or Rolls Royce, or a brand new Ferrari or Lamborghini and fancy a colour change. Our technicians have the knowledge and expertise to work on all car and leather types. Whether you require our services as a business like a car sales garage or your an individual with just your own car that needs attention we will help.
"Wow,the service these guys provide is incredible. I did not even realize this was possible!"
-Daniel Holmes

Leather Refurbish

All types of Leather Refurbishment available including: Car leather refurbishment | Leather furniture refurbishment | Leather clothing refurbishment | If its leather, we can fix it | Door cards | Leather refurbishment

Leather colour change

No matter what colour your leather is our technicians can change the colour of your leather. We always use the original leather and never reupholster. Your standard car leather will undergo redyeing and re colouring as it would do in the factory when it started its life.

Leather Repair

Over the course of its life leather can become worn and sometimes rips and tears start to appear. At Liquid Leather Fitters our technicians can repair your car leather seats or any other leather products you have.

I can't believe this is my original leather. It looks brand new out the factory...


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